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Tulip Dining Table

$3,080.00 $2,780.00


Size: Dia70 x H75cm

Size: Dia80 x H75cm

Size: Dia90 x H75cm

Size: Dia100 x H75cm

Size: Dia110 x H75cm

Size: Dia120 x H75cm

Eero Saarinen developed the pedestal table in the 1940s, along with the Tulip chair, as part of his research of "organic furniture" for a competition in organic design. The pedestal table he developed, represents the peak of Eero Saarinen's career, in which these lasting icons of modern classic furniture were brought to the forefront. Eero Saarinen's ability to blend colour, form and materials was remarkable.

The Tulip table from his pedestal collection is a reflection of this ability in this timeless classic.