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S.D Style Lip Sofa

$7,980.00 $6,800.00

Size: W204 x D84 x H76cm

The Mae West Lips Sofa (1937) is a surrealist sofa by the Spanish modern designer Salvador Dal?. The sofa was shaped after the lips of actress Mae West, whom Dal? apparently found fascinating. The sofa is constructed of rigid polyurethane with wood support on the back with a high quality foam padding and is upholstered in red cloth. Imagine a set of voluptuous lips in your home in the form of a sofa. A practical piece of art deco for your home or office, this is the ultimate in modern designer furniture. The classic sexy curves and vibrant colour of the 'lips sofa' makes this retro piece simply delectable.The Lips sofa is incredibly comfortable and rests directly on the floor.